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Basil Pizza

1066 S Fairfax Ave (12,649.76 km) 90019 Los Angeles, California

Opening hours
Monday to Friday

09:00 am …………………. 06:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday

10:00 am …………………. 04:00 pm

Can we create a Pizza menu instead of offering a topping bar ?

Yes, when inquiring please let us know that you would prefer offering pizza buffet style. We would gladly offer a set of 4 pizzas that our chefs would endlessly make and beautifully display for your guests to self serve. themselves.

What is the size of the oven ?

Our patented, revolutionary oven measures approximately 24 inches x 24 inches. It is fully portable and would fit through any standard size door.

Is your oven using gas or wood ?

Our oven can work on both propane (gas) or wood. However, we commonly use propane in order to insure the…right…. speed, safety, quality

What is the difference in the taste of pizza between using a wood-fired oven and propane oven ?

You can not taste the difference between wood-fired oven cooked pizza and gas oven cooked pizza. Our pizzas cooks in less than 45 seconds at over 900 degrees. Wood baking and cooking only gives its distinctive taste to the food in long cooking processes.

What is Neapolitan Pizza ?

Pizza originated in Napoli Italy. The dough is made using only a few, exclusive ingredients like 00 Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Yeast. It is topped with San Marzano Tomatoes sauce, and Buffala Mozzarella. It is baked in seconds using a gas or wood fired oven at a very high temperature (close to a 1000 degrees) Its very thin crust with buffered edges makes its very distinctive taste. For long, Chicago and New York style pizzas were the standard in the US. Nancy Silverstone and Mario Batali in their restaurants Mozza democratized Neapolitan Pizza in Los Angeles and Orange County. Since then, tons of independent restaurant and chains are offering Neapolitan Pizzas. Try ours !

How many Pizzas can you make in 1 hour

Our standard set-up with 2 chefs / Pizzaiolo allows 40 to 45 pizzas per hour (a total of 80 to 90 pizzas during our 2 hours service time). With 3 Chefs / Pizzaiolo we can expedite about 65 to 70 pizzas per hour (130 to 140 pizzas in 2 hours).

Can you stay longer than 2 hours ?

Yes, we can add an extra hour of service for an additional $50 per chef ($100 with 2 chefs, or $150 with 3 chefs).

Can we combine your pizza station with other stations ?

Of course, we are working with plenty of professional vendors, and would love to suggest some other stations or buffet to complement our pizza station How are you handling headcount ? For how many people should we order your services ? Since we are always serving unlimited pizza, we have to count for all the guests that comes in. We are aware that some guests might not take any pizza while some others would have many. We are relying on an average, and that is how we offer a fair price per person. For the purpose of quotation and booking, we can work with an estimate, we would need a final headcount 4 days prior and would adjust the invoice by then.

How do we count for children ?

Kids 2 and under are free of charge. Kids 6 and under are at half price (as long as minimum charge is covered). Kids 7 and older are at normal price

Do you serve beverages as well ?

We offer Ice tea, Lemonade, Coffee and Orange Juice of an extra charge. You are welcome to provide your own bottled drinks.

Can you serve in a park or public area ?

As long as you have the authorization from management that this is ok to cook on site and use propane / open flame.

What do you need from me ?

We would only need a 10 x 10 open air area as well as some shade. We would provide everything else !

Are Cutlery, Plates and napkins included ?

Yes, we provide paper or plastic plates. White plastic forks and knives, white paper napkins. All are included in the listed price. You can decide to upgrade to nicer plastic-ware of bamboo plate, forks and knives for an extra $4 per person

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