How Sicilian Pizza Differs in its Flavor and Composition?

The term Sicilian pizza got its name from its place of origin in Sicily, Italy. Local regions in Sicily first produced this kind of pizza, which then soon found favor in overseas markets including the United States. Actually, the Sicilian pizza has undergone various developments in its flavor and preparation method, that there are two different kinds available today. The authentic pizza from Sicily is one variety and the other is the type made in America.

A Short History

Sicilian pizza is believed to have first made in Sicily, Italy, during the 19th Century. During those periods, various kinds of pizza were popular with constant experiments in enhancing the flavor. It was the time when Sfincione, a new variety with a spongy and deep pan preparation, developed into the Sicilian style pizza. This ‘different’ variety of pizza made its way into the American continent via the immigrants from Italy who traversed the seas to settle in the new land.

The bakers in New York experimented with the new variety of Pizza in various aspects. They began to top the Sicilian sfinciones with mozzarella, owing to the cheese’s abundant availability in New York. The new styled Sicilian pizza quickly became popular among the soldiers returning from battlegrounds of the Second World War, and went on to be an instant hit.

What Goes into Making a Sicilian Pizza?

A Sicilian pizza differs from other kinds chiefly due to its unique method of preparation and the items used. Thick spongy dough prepared from a combination of flour, water, olive oil, and yeast is used for making a Sicilian pizza. It is pressed and place on a square baking pan along with the necessary toppings such as tomatoes, oregano, red pepper, onion, and olive oil sauce.

The preparation is then kept in a hot oven along with breadcrumbs and grated caciocavallo cheese is added to the sauce in the topping. During the baking, the unique nature of the dough ensures that all the olive oil in the pan is absorbed, resulting in the bottom of the pizza to become crisp, while the middle portion remains soft.

The New York Style Sicilian Pizza

The composition and flavoring of New York style Sicilian Pizza is a bit different from that in the original recipe. Most of the components of the pizza are the same as the Italian Sicilian pizza, such as the square base and crispier bottom; however, it differs in the topping with the use of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. The preparation method stays the same for New York style Sicilian pizza with the use of an oiled square baking pan.

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